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Prestige And Flexibility
London is one of the major financial centres in the world and many of the most prestigious international organisations have founded their own UK limited company. The procedure for establishing a company is both quick and simple. Your UK company may trade and bank throughout the world and it may be owned by either individuals or corporations who may be resident in the UK or overseas. It is also possible to conduct many different types of business using the same one UK limited company.
Cost And Simplicity Of Establishment
The UK continues to be one of the least expensive countries in the EU for incorporation. The total costs are usually about 10% of those charged in other comparable countries. There are few formalities. Establishing a UK limited company can be arranged by post, fax or email. Attendance here in the UK is not even essential. Our total charges on incorporating a company include our own general advice, all formation costs including Government fees and the provision of the UK registered office and company secretarial services for one year.
Company Formation
New companies are formed within 24 hours. For the benefit of clients who require their company right away, we keep at our office a large number of “ready-made” companies. These are companies that we have already established with their own individual name and they are available to start trading immediately.
Liability Of Members
In the case of a limited company, the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of share capital that they have agreed to take.
Share Capital
The company will be set up with one single issued share as this is the minimum requirement. Companies can issue further shares as they wish.
Directors, Secretary And Shareholders
Every company must have at least one personal director. A sole director can also be the sole shareholder. The shareholders are the owners of the company. The directors are empowered to transact the company’s business and may enter into contracts which are legally binding on the company. We usually are requested to provide the company’s secretarial services. The secretary provided by our office is responsible for maintaining the statutory books and will arrange for the filing of all papers with the UK authorities.
Registered Office
Every company must have what is known as a ‘registered office’. This is the official address of the company which must be situated in the UK. Our office provides this address for your company and any correspondence that is addressed to the company at its registered office will be immediately forwarded to you at any address that you choose,either in the UK or overseas.
Your UK Business Address
One of the most important services to our clients is in providing a regular business address. We have business telephone, fax and email numbers for use by our clients, so that you can give the impression that you are a regular UK company. Your notepaper can be dressed up in whatever manner you want. Correspondence and messages that arrive here will be forwarded immediately on receipt. Thus you can create the right impression of having the prestige of a London office.
Annual Return And Accounts
Every UK company is required to file each year with the UK authorities (a) an Annual Return and (b) Accounts.
Bank Accounts
The company may establish bank accounts in any part of the world.
Often the true owners of a company do not wish their identity to be known publicly. In such cases, we can arrange for the appointment of nominee directors and shareholders to stand in for the true owners (the “beneficiaries”). When we arrange nominees, only the names of the nominees will appear on the official register, which is kept at the Companies Registration Office and is open for inspection by any interested party. Nominee papers will be drawn up to ensure that the beneficiaries retain control over the company and that the nominee will act in accordance with the instructions of the beneficial owners. When necessary, Powers of Attorney will be drawn up to give full authority for the beneficiaries to act.
The UK rates of corporation tax are amongst the lowest in the world. The rates charged each year, though as a guide to you the small companies rate is approximately 20%. It is important to remember that in the UK, corporation tax is only levied on profits that remain in the company at the end of its accounting period after all expenditure has been deducted. Therefore, where a company is managed and controlled from overseas and where the excess profits are paid out to non-resident directors and consultants, there will be no liability to UK corporation tax.
London Representative Office

We offer the option to ise our address (along with telephone, fax line and email) as your 'UK representative office'. The use of this address is for administrative purposes only. Correspondence and messages that arrive here will be forwarded immediately on receipt. We can add a dedicated telephone line which will be answered with your companies name.
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